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Wine & Food


Tuscany: land of unparalleled aromas and flavors



Tuscany is undoubtedly the land of plenty for the gourmet tourist! Only in Tuscany is it possible to breed cattle with unique features, cultivate ancient and spectacular vineyards and olive groves on sunny hills and bring forth from the earth sweet fruits, tasty vegetables, the most integral wheat and cereals, like rice and precious saffron. Excellent wines, renowned and exported all over the world, and a simple culinary tradition of peasant origin: “poor” but tasty dishes, like the famous “ribollita” soup or the flavoursome “acquacotta”, which are profoundly linked to the territory and represent the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication. Every area of Tuscany has its own great wines and typical dishes, waiting to be discovered! Sunny Tuscany & Italy presents a wide range of wine and food experiences for an interesting and unique sensory journey to discover the most authentic flavors and smells of the Tuscan tradition: visits to farms or cellars with tastings of wine and typical products, dinners in restaurants or farms, cooking classes with expert chefs… And much more, for a fully comprehensive wine and food experience!



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